Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Be a Mordecai Presence In An Esther Life

Earlier this year, the Lord spoke to my heart and encouraged me to become more conscious in eating better and exercising.  

Classic stress eater and food lover, I was just not doing anything God glorifying in the area of health, fitness and wellness.

In fact I had such a voracious love of food, I developed a mighty large “food baby”, as was evidenced by my having multiple people, in multiple places ask me when I was expecting. Audacious, you ask? Of course. Did they have reason or grounds to ask? Absolutely.  I was packing a mighty large tire belly!

I was feeling pretty bummed, to be honest. It seemed a lot of work ahead of me, and with no ideas in how to start, I turned to the only person I knew in my life at that time who exhibited any self control in this area at all.  A good friend whom God had led me to years earlier, Ms. J. (As a side note…there is something to be said for praying for God ordained friends and friendships. I literally prayed this woman into my life)

This is a picture of both of us taken 1/2009

There we are.  Short of my self-induced pounds, those smiles are for real. There was A LOT of praying, standing in agreement for things in one another’s lives, and blessings and God given miracles seen and witnessed up until that point. Little did we know we hadn’t and haven't seen anything yet!  

I was much the same weight back then as I was at the beginning of this year.

Ms. J became a Mordecai in my Esther life, the day God called her into it.  She’s never stopped speaking the promises and blessings of God over me, in any area. In fact, although she’s never said it, I imagine that she was praying long before God set it in my heart and mind for me to get healthy, for me to get healthy! No doubt God showed her what He needed her to be in agreement with Him for, over me, long before He ever called me on board with the plan!

In this new journey God was calling me to this year, He used Ms. J to keep reminding me of the great call He placed on my life.  That part of it was, that I am not my own....

I was bought with a price, and the highest price at that, when Jesus purchased all of me on that cross on Calvary some thousands of years ago. If I am to house His Holy Spirit, and achieve my God given destiny, which I am still working with Him to realize, I better give Him something to work with for awhile-a healthy body vehicle!

Ms. J has continually reminded me that I would need to strengthen His temple, my body, to achieve that high call. She gave me products, resources and advice. She encouraged me in what to eat. She never quit calling me to press in and press on. She knew what I was capable of, even if and when I didn’t.

And here are the results of a Mordecai speaking into and blessing your Esther life!...

Yes. That’s my sassy, 20 + pounds lighter, more fit, self. And guess what? Those fancy clothes I have on, were a gift from none other than my Mordecai, Ms. J! God is so great in and through her!
Ms J. has never quit, and something tells me, will never quit reminding me “you were called for such a time as this!” (Esther 4:14)

My message today is simple….

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit God. Pray for what He wants for you. Pray for the results He desires for, in your life, in your calling, in your destiny that He has pre-ordained before the foundations of this world had even been laid!  Include Him, Your Loving Father, in everything by seeking His “plans” (Jer 29:11), purpose (Jer 1:5), Word (Isaiah 55:11) and face (Song of Solomon 2:14), always. You seek and will find, when you do it with all of your heart and all that’s within you (Jer 29:13). 

Pray for the people He wants in your life. Remember as Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron”. That goes both ways.  Get a mentor to speak into your weaknesses and be a mentor to someone else in the areas of your strength and gifting.

There is no limit to what God has in store for you. He never promised it would be easy, however He does promise it will be worth it, and He will never leave us or forsake us in it (Heb 13:5). 

Jesus is coming back for us, and we nor God can afford for us to let slip away our giftings and callings in His Kingdom.  For the sake of the souls to be saved, and encouraged. For the sake of seeing God glorified, and your children blessed, and the breaking of generational curses for eternity, seek His purpose and ordained destiny for your life, and stop at nothing to move forward in Him, with Him and for Him.

Father God,
I come before you today and ask You to bless those that are reading this.  Bless them in abundance, to the full to overflow with renewed courage, strength and faith to press on in what You are calling them to be and to do. Help them Lord, with the wisdom, discernment, and encouragement they need to move forward in what You are convicting them in. Father, thank You for entrusting us as stewards for those gifts and calls on our lives. We declare that we do not take these positions, work, and blessings for granted. We want to glorify, honor and bless You and Your Kingdom all of our days. We need You now more than ever Father. For we know as we are strengthened in our countenance to move forward into these ordained destinies and calls, that the enemy will stop at nothing to distract and prohibit us, but we know that even on his best day, he has nothing on us, because we have You! Your love, divine protection, covering and blessing. We thank You for giving unto us the people that would be our Mordecai’s in our lives, and we thank You for the privilege and opportunity to be Mordecai’s in other’s lives as well. We love You, Lord. Have all the power and authority in our lives, our hearts and minds. We choose to keep our eyes fixed on the prize and high call you have for us. We choose life in You, and for You! In Jesus Mighty and Blessed Name we pray ~ Amen!

Please keep moving forward and keep looking up, Beloved!

In His Love,
Amy O

P.S. Thank you to all of the other countless Mordecai's in my life that I had not mentioned in this post (I fear that I may have broken the internet had I tried to mention you all). You know who you are, and I'm all the more thankful to God every moment of every day for you all!