Saturday, September 8, 2012

Merry As We Go Round

Can’t believe I forgot to write about this!

Back in June, my sweet daughter and I decided on a mall trip to ride the carousel there.

After finishing our carousel ride, we witnessed a grandfather-aged gentlemen taking pictures. I smiled on the inside thinking how much he must be enjoying watching his grandchildren enjoy the carousel ride. When I followed the man’s gaze to see his beloved grandchildren, I was pleasantly surprised instead to see his beloved wife. She was carefully stepping down the stairs of the upper level of the carousel after her ride with a giant smile on her face. As she reached the exit gate she proudly and happily offered her hand to the attendant to receive a carousel horse stamp. The proud mark of a happy carousel rider. She boldly and excitedly announced to her husband “I’m going to get myself another ticket and ride again!” And she did! I’m grateful and proud to say – we joined her. Her enthusiasm and zest for enjoying life in that moment was contagious. Which leads me to the point of writing today.

Jesus said to boldly come to the throne of grace. That He came that we may have and enjoy the life that He died to give us. He calls us to be salt and light in the world.

This woman’s joy was contagious that day. I imagine she exhibits joy for life that day as much as she does any other. It was amazing to be apart of her journey in that moment, and truthfully it inspired me to enjoy life alongside her. I was so blessed that Jesus divinely orchestrated our paths to cross that day. He reminded me again through this beautiful woman to enjoy the life He died to give me, more. I can often get consumed with the seriousness of life.  I have an uncanny ability to, no matter what the circumstances, be them good or bad, to see what I’m not doing, who I am not, what I am not, and what I have to improve in, rather than enjoying the blessing of life given to me at all, and knowing that every moment, and every situation is an opportunity to glorify God through my weakness, and my humanness.  Everyday The Lord is making it more clear to me to look to Him, and all He is, rather than all I am and what I “feel” myself and my life currently are not. The devil sends distractions. This enemy of our souls would love for us to focus on the temporary tests, trials, and distractions, rather than just rest in knowing God is God and He is on our side, protecting us, caring for us and loving us, despite.  Our loving Father longs for us to embrace the fact that we must not hide our lamps under bushels. That we must continue to shine so that a very lost and very hurting world can have a tangible witness and experience of how great God is and what He can do in the life of a simple person, His child. 

This lovely woman that day, didn’t have the body of a child (it took her time and effort to get on and off those carousel horses), but she had the simple joy and attitude of a child. I asked if I could take her picture on her second ride, and she happily obliged. Here she is - in all her glory!

The funny thing is, she realized after all her effort to board this horse that it wasn’t a horse that went up and down.  It just rocked. She gladly dismounted that horse and found one that gave her the full ride experience, going up and down.  She wasn’t going to waste her ticket, and neither should we! Make this life count, All! Enjoy and be blessed by it, and in it. It’s the only one you’ve got, and it’s a wisp of wind, a vapor that vanishes just as quick as it is formed. Determine today to have and enjoy it, but most of all, to bless God by embracing life and loving it and all that’s in it, good and bad, to the full!  Show everyone you know and everyone you meet, “Whom The Son sets free is free indeed!” J

Father God, Thank you for our precious lives. Thank You for Your Precious Son, who died to give us life in You, and save us from eternal pain and suffering. Instead we get to retire with You, in Heavenly places. Hallelujah! We are so grateful for You and Your Son and all that You are and all that You do to protect and bless us. Father, help us to live and enjoy our lives to the full. Help us to change our perspectives if they are negative, fault finding and gloomy. Help us to embrace the hope that is found in life and love in You. Help us to display it. Help us to glorify you, by enjoying these beautiful lives, no matter what the circumstances. Help us to be blessings because we are blessed. And as a result of all of this, help others to find you, and accept Your Son as their Lord and Savior also. Help us all to have a revelation of peace and our freedom found in and through You, today and every day.  Help us to keep our child-like joy, and faith, always, Father. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen!

Many Blessings and In His Love,
Amy O